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Enlist in Your Own Personal Fitness Boot Camp

Military-style fitness boot camps are all the rage nowadays.  These basic training exercise programs offer a time-efficient excuse to get your exercise outdoors.  Often they are scheduled first thing in the morning, before the work day starts, so they are easy to fit into a schedule.  Also, they include a wide variety of exercises that give you a total body workout.  And of course there’s the motivation – what could be more motivating than an exercise drill sergeant? 
If you like the rigor and discipline of a boot camp but don’t want to spend the money, an option is to enlist in your own personal boot camp. 

Here are some ideas for exercises you can incorporate into your basic training exercise routine:

• First you must warm up.  Start with five to ten minutes of light cardio, such as walking or marching in place.
• Incorporate some of the following exercises into your training:
squat thrusts, slow pushups, walking lunges, jumping jacks, medicine ball crunches, planks, jumping rope, stair climbing and any others you can think of.
• Use your bike to spread your exercise around.  Ride to a spot where you can walk or run up a hill.  Next bike to a place where you have kept some hand weights.  Use the weights to work all of your muscle groups; bicep curls and triceps dips are good exercises for this.  Finish by biking to your local pool – jump in and do a set of laps, picking up speed as you go.
• As always, make sure you drink plenty of water.
• Always remember to do at least a five minute cool down. This will prevent additional soreness and give your body time to readjust. Try doing the same routine as the warm up but at a lower intensity.

How can you be your own drill sergeant and discipline yourself to get moving?  Figure out what motivates you the most.  Recruit your family to get involved in the boot camp so you can encourage each other.  Or you may want to reward yourself with a treat, such as getting a pedicure or going to a movie, if you can soldier on through your boot camp routine each week.  Figure out what you need to do inspire yourself, then design a boot camp program that will fit your lifestyle.