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Healthy eating and exercise for life

Learning to Love Exercise
No More Excuses!

Most of us say that we'll "get around" to exercising. Either we say we'll do it when we get home after work or we promise ourselves that we'll get up early the next morning. Or, we plan on taking a walk during our lunch hour. But somehow we often don't get around to it. You may find yourself making excuses. Instead of going for a run in the evening after you get home from work, you decide you're too tired from the long day. And, when the alarm goes off the next morning you find yourself hitting the snooze button for some extra zzz's rather than hitting the pavement for a brisk walk. At work, you find your just too busy to exercise, so you spend you're lunch hour eating take-out and typing away.

If you find that you're constantly making excuses as to why you can't exercise, check out the following for an attitude adjustment (adapted from Dr. John Foreyt's book "Living Without Dieting").


No Excuse

I don't have enough time

Regular exercise requires only 5 percent of your waking hours. If you can't fit that into your schedule, your life is most likely very stressful and you need exercise to help cope with that stress.

I'm too tired

Many people who feel exhausted at the end of the day feel refreshed after exercising. And for those who dread getting up early, some find that it gives them more energy for their day.

Exercise is too boring

If exercise is done on a regular basis, 3-4 times a week for at least 30 minutes, exercise can be enjoyable. Try using an exercise bike in front of the TV or while reading, walk the dog or walk with a friend.

Exercise makes me sore

If you gradually increase your exercise, you will probably experience very little soreness. After a few weeks, most of the soreness will disappear and exercise will begin to make you feel good.

As a housewife with kids, I can't leave home

Try an exercise bike, go for a walk with your children or find a reliable babysitter or form a babysitting co-op.

Source: Living Without Dieting

As you can see, there are a number of excuses that people use to put off exercising. But the bottom line is that exercise is important for losing and maintaining your weight. Generally, people find time for the things they want to do, so try to make a consistent effort to find time for exercise. .