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Guide to Dining Out & Dining on the Go

Do you love to eat out? Do you have a hard time sticking to your healthy eating goals during a celebration or delicious meal in a restaurant? Don’t deprive yourself of the fun that dining out can be. And certainly don’t deny yourself the convenience you sometimes need by occasionally eating out and letting someone else do the dishes. There is room for dining away from home in your healthy lifestyle, as long as you consciously make good choices and be honest with yourself about your calorie intake and goals. has put together the following “ Dining Out” series to help remove some of the guesswork of eating away from home. Click on the various links below to learn tips on the best choices to make when eating various types of cuisine, while still enjoying a nice and tasty meal that won’t wreak havoc on your calorie goals. So go ahead – don’t be afraid to get out of the kitchen every once in awhile and enjoy a nice evening!

Guide to Dining Out

Guide to Dining on the Go

These days, food is just about everywhere -- the movie theatre, plays, sporting events, etc. It's easy to be overwhelmed by all the choices. But choosing a high-fat and high-calorie meal isn't a must when visiting one of these venues. Read on for some help and guidance when you're attending your favorite ball game, movie and more!