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Josh Lost 35 pounds and You Can Too!

The words of a boxer, the love of a woman and the dread of being the weakest link were the motivators behind Josh Linard's 35-lb. weight loss. All it required was a few simple diet changes, starting off on a online weight loss program’s 2400 calorie meal plan, a stepped-up exercise plan and iron-clad commitment. And look at him now!

"I had just joined a few sports leagues and I knew I needed to get in better shape if I was to compete. Plus, Kate and I were getting married in a few months with plans to honeymoon in the Greek Isles. Those photos would be around for a long time," says Josh. "So, I set out to lose 10 pounds." Seven months later, Josh stood at the altar 25 pounds lighter, ultimately shaving off another 10 pounds from his 6' frame (he's now at 180). And, most important, his BMI is now within the "healthy weight" range.

Josh and fiance Kate were already working out together three times a week, running 15 to 20 minutes followed by ½ hour workout on the weight machines. According to Josh, "I just stepped it up a notch or two adding calisthenics (pull-ups, sit-ups and push-ups) and gradually increasing my 'cardio run' to an hour. I might not have realized how easy it was to beef up my exercise routine if I hadn't read about this idea in a weight loss program article."

A growing workload at the office made it easy for Josh to remove temptation from his work-week, opting for a healthy sack lunch at the desk instead of lunches out.

"I'll eat a plain deli sandwich - light on the condiments - and a diet soda, fat-free yogurt and two pieces of fruit throughout the day, saving the pizza and burgers for the weekend," reports Josh. A typical dinner might include lightly breaded chicken breast with a side of veggies in a light butter sauce and a tall glass of skim milk. "I used this Web site’s Food Calorie Calculator religiously," he adds.

Now that Josh is in "maintenance mode," the hardest part, he says, is staying committed to a strenuous exercise routine. He does it by waking up with his wife at 5:30 every morning, enjoying a long slow cup of coffee while watching infomercials for exercise equipment. "When the excuses start to pop into my head I remember what boxer Pete McNeely said when preparing for his fight against Mike Tyson, 'Feed the faith. Starve the doubt.' Excuses become doubt. Getting out of bed and into the day - that's when faith steps in."