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Healthy eating and exercise for life

Today Show Inspiration Gives Hope and Sparks Success
A New Weight and a New Self-Esteem Result in a Stroll Down the “Cat Walk”

Omaha, NE

Who knew indulging in a little morning television could have a profound effect on someone’s life? While catching a segment of the Today Show devoted to online dieting, something changed in CeCe. Reaching 155 pounds on her small frame, she was the heaviest she had ever been and was tired of wishing she could lose weight… she wanted to actually make it happen. This 56 year-old wife and mother from Omaha was inspired by an online dieting member on the Today Show.

CeCe had tried many other diets before. Yet she had a hard time finding one that was right for her: a diet that allowed her to lose weight the healthy way. “I needed something that would force me to be responsible so that I could become truly dedicated to losing weight. I also needed something that would really work.” After hearing Joan Rainwater’s success story on the Today Show, CeCe immediately joined the program. “I wanted to look better in my clothes and feel better in general. I wasn’t very self-confident, and wanted to change that.” CeCe was able to do just that with online dieting.

Upon joining, CeCe hit the ground running, or more specifically, briskly walking! Through a regimen of calorie counting, exercise and creating healthier habits, CeCe was able to lose 27 pounds in six months, and went from a size 14, to a size 8.

She recorded everything she ate (including calories) by devotedly using the Online Food Diary. She began going to the gym twice a week, doing Pilates and a 30-minute weight lifting routine. Going to the gym became a motivating factor for CeCe. “Once I’m there, I know I’ll get in a good workout before leaving. If I stay at home, there’s always the possibility I could talk myself out of it.” She also began walking more. She would take a brisk long walk one day a week, but would also try to walk wherever and whenever she could. “I take the stairs whenever I can, and find ways to add more walking to my day, such as walking in parking lots and during breaks on long car trips. Walking invigorates me and puts me at ease… I love it.”

Creating healthier lifestyle habits was a big part of CeCe’s success as well. By writing things down and incorporating healthier foods in her diet, her cravings for high-calorie and high-fat foods subsided. CeCe has also discovered a love for creating healthy recipes. She experiments with low-fat and low-calorie recipes, and creates her own healthier versions of existing favorites. She also has become a voracious reader of nutrition information, taking every opportunity she can to educate herself on nutrition research and information.

Overall, CeCe feels like she’s finally found her true self. She’s happy with her body, she feels healthier overall and she’s gained a considerable amount of self-confidence. This new attitude recently helped CeCe confidently stroll down the runway in a themed benefit fashion show. She marks this experience as a great realization of her accomplishment. “I was showing myself off in these costumes and instead of feeling awkward, I had a blast!” She has not only experienced a physical change, but a mental and emotional one as well. “I’ve had to change my whole wardrobe, and I can’t even tell you how many belts I’ve had to throw away because I couldn’t poke any more new holes in them. Most importantly I carry myself better and that’s a great thing.”

Although she experienced a few frustrating plateaus along the way, she found the inner determination to stick with it and encourages others to do the same. Following the Online Food Diary conscientiously and consistently also kept her accountable. “If I could give any suggestion to others it would be to follow the food diary so you can keep track of what you are honestly doing. Weigh, measure and write things down. You can review your dieting history to help you understand your habits and to give you control.”

Focusing on creating new healthier habits allowed CeCe to take small, yet meaningful steps toward her long-term weight loss goal. “I never imagined I would be able to lose this much weight. I was hoping for a few pounds, but I was actually able to get to my ideal weight.” Through the journey, CeCe’s loyal family has begun to understand and support her habits. Her husband doesn’t mind anymore that she prefers to walk between her 18 holes of golf, instead of using the golf cart he bought for her. In fact, CeCe’s husband (who has Type II diabetes) recently confessed that he would like to try to lose some weight because CeCe is such an inspiration to him. CeCe has not only succeeded, she’s also helping others succeed as well by spreading her new healthy spirit and vitality to those around her. Congratulations CeCe!