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Healthy eating and exercise for life

Joan R. Gave Herself the Best Gift – the Gift of Health!

Online Weight Loss Member Takes Off More than 30 Pounds, Keeps It Off,
Gains a New Outlook on Life... and then Shares Her Success Story on The Today Show!

After Joan R. and her husband returned home from leaving their oldest child at college, she took a reality check. And the reality was that she had been carrying extra weight for almost 30 years. She had tried a lot of other programs such as counting points, but nothing seemed to work and the weight would always slowly creep back. At 5’5” and 162 pounds, Joan was not happy with her weight. But if she hadn’t been able to lose the weight over the past 30 years, what would be different about this go around?

Joan decided it was time to do something for her. She wanted something that would provide the structure she needed to get the weight off and she wanted something that was not a diet. She wanted something that she could do for life! That’s where online dieting came in.

After searching the Internet she stumbled across this online weight loss program and decided to give it a try. After joining, Joan found that the meal plans and recipes were invaluable – they provided the structure she needed. And the shopping lists made her trips to the grocery store easier than ever. Joan also used the recipes on the Web site with her family and they went over very well – even with her teenagers.

She also found that she liked the convenience. She could log on to the Web site whenever it was convenient for her. There were no meetings to attend and she wasn’t required to “weigh in” in front of a bunch of strangers. Although she didn’t post any messages in the Support Community – she read them. The advice/tips from other members gave her the support she needed and let her know there were others in the same boat.

Then one day it happened – the dreaded plateau. For approximately two months the scale had not moved. But Joan didn’t throw in the towel or binge-eat for comfort. Instead, she employed sensible tactics “I decided to shake it up a bit and do something different, so I joined a spinning class. And, I added 100 calories to my diet to make sure I was getting adequate nutrition,” says Joan. Her tactics worked and finally the weight began to come off again.

So what happened to Joan during her year-long membership with the online weight loss program? Joan dropped thirty-two pounds, going from 162 pounds to 130 pounds as well as eight dress sizes – from a 14 to a six. But the best part of all says Joan, “I feel great!”

Before joining the program Joan was inconsistent when it came to exercise, but that’s not the case now. She began with a home video-tape and weight training with free weights at home twice a week. She would also walk on her home treadmill 15-20 minutes three times a week.

Today, you might call her a true athlete. Joan trains with weights three days a week for an hour and afterwards participates in 30 minutes of cardio activities. She also takes spinning class and has become a certified Yoga instructor. She has recently taken on the role of a personal fitness instructor – motivating others to commit to exercise. Joan has also discovered a love for cycling. She sometimes bikes for more than two hours a day. In fact, next summer she is planning a five-day cycling trip for approximately 400 miles!

Joan’s family has been extremely supportive of her efforts. In fact, her two daughters and husband now look to her for nutritional advice. When asked if she were concerned the weight would return, Joan emphatically says, “No.” “This is something I will do for life. I completely changed my habits and outlook on life.”

Joan really enjoyed being able to show off the “new Joan.” She has a handle on maintaining her weight through social events, too. “I ate a healthy snack before I left the house. And, when I got to the party I got a small plate of food so I didn’t feel deprived - but I used smaller portions to help control calories.” Joan also advises other online dieting members to eat in moderation (throughout the year) and remember there are no bad foods. She adds, “Make sensible changes and remember that it’s not a diet.”

Joan only has one “problem” since gaining a healthier lifestyle. Since dropping more than 30 pounds she finds that her teenage daughters are “borrowing” her clothes. What a great “problem” to have. Congratulations, Joan!