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Healthy eating and exercise for life

Winning By Losing

This section of the site is chock full of helpful hints and great information that supplements the weekly lesson plans.

Reality Guide to Weight Loss
Perhaps they should make a reality show about losing weight - now there's a real challenge! As anyone who has been on a diet can tell you, it's easy to fall off the bandwagon and say "to heck with it!" Or maybe you begin to think that all this work just isn't worth it.
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"Bad" Foods That are Actually Good for You!
You’ve given up your favorite candy bar, favorite fast food restaurant and many of your favorite meals. Trying to lose weight and being on a “diet” is no fun, right? Wrong!
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Guide to Dining Out & Dining on the Go
Do you have a hard time sticking to your healthy eating goals when dining out? Don’t deprive yourself of the fun that dining out can be. And certainly don’t deny yourself the convenience you sometimes need by occasionally eating out and letting someone else do the dishes.
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Friends or Foes? Loved Ones & Diet Sabotage
Eating healthy and exercising is hard enough but what happens when your family and friends make it even harder? When the most important people in your life begin to sabotage your diet, you’re success rate may quickly diminish.
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Healthy Snacking
It hits you when you least expect it… the all-too familiar rumbling in your stomach that arrives during your weekly staff meeting, or while running errands in the middle of a busy afternoon. It’s hours from dinner, your blood sugar is plummeting, and the rumbling is growing louder and louder! What can you do to save yourself?
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How to Kick Your Chocolate Craving
It's three o'clock. You've had yogurt, a plain bagel and orange juice for breakfast. Two stalks of celery with peanut butter were your snack. And, lunch was a small turkey sandwich with strawberries and 15 pretzels. You've got a healthy dinner planned for later this evening, but you begin to feel a craving come over you.
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Improve Your Diet One Step at a Time
Eat one extra vegetable serving every day this week. Choose deeply colored varieties, such as spinach, broccoli, acorn squash, carrots, tomatoes, and red or orange peppers.
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Learning to Live 100% Fad Free
Are you sick of cutting out entire food groups or subsisting off a “magical” weight loss potion for days at a time?
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Low-Carb Diets Help You Lose Weight: Fact or Fiction?
Many of you have probably heard that carbohydrates are “bad” or are the “enemy” when it comes to losing weight. Perhaps you have heard that carbohydrates may cause you to store fat and that if you want to lose weight, you should simply cut out carbohydrates and eat as much fat and protein as you want.
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Preventing Portion Distortion
Watching what you eat is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle but what about how much you eat? As portions sizes have expanded through the years, so have our waistlines. Many people are unsure what a correct portion of food looks like.
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Say Good-Bye to Those Unwanted Pounds for Life
10 Tips for Successful, Long-Term Weight Loss

You see it all the time on TV or in magazines – people who have lost a significant amount of weight and have managed to keep the weight off.
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Tips for Trimming Extra Calories
Periodically during weight loss, you’ll reach a point when the scale doesn’t budge. These “plateaus” are normal, so don’t get discouraged.
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Other Useful Resources
Health organizations weigh in on low calorie sweeteners.
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