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Healthy eating and exercise for life

Let's Get Physical

Exercise is a very important component of any weight loss or weight maintenance program. Exercise not only burns calories stored for fuel while participating in physical activity but it also helps to keep your metabolism elevated for a certain period of time after exercising, burning even more calories. The amount of exercise needed to help you control your weight or lose weight is dependent on the amount and type of activity, your current weight and how much you eat throughout the day.

For example, eating 100 extra calories a day beyond what you need to maintain your weight will result in a weight gain of 10 pounds over the course of one year. However, you could prevent this from happening (or take the weight off if it has already happened) by exercising moderately for approximately 30 minutes each day. Combining both exercise and healthy eating habits offers the most effective means of controlling your weight, a core principle of

And, be sure to check out the Get Moving calculator for calories burned through your favorite activities!

Let's Get Physical Articles

Circuit Training
We all know exercise is vital to losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, finding time in our busy schedules can often be difficult. You barely have enough time to sit down – forget making time to go to the gym. Is it possible to get a good workout in a short amount of time?
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Breaking a Sweat? Break Open the Beverages!
Exercise Hydration

Now that you’ve been motivated to get on the exercise train to better health, there are some important points to cover regarding hydration – it goes hand in hand with exercise and activity! This article addresses the importance of staying hydrated, and what proper hydration means…
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Enlist in Your Own Personal Fitness Boot Camp
Military-style fitness boot camps are all the rage nowadays. These basic training exercise programs offer a time-efficient excuse to get your exercise outdoors. Often they are scheduled first thing in the morning, before the work day starts, so they are easy to fit into a schedule.
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Fact From Fiction: Common Exercise Myths Debunked
With all of the quick-fix gimmicks on the market for diet and exercise, it’s hard to discern what really works and what’s doesn’t. Can you really sweat off the weight by wearing a special “suit” in place of exercise? Can you lose fat by applying a cream to your thighs? These claims are obviously false but there are some exercise myths out there many people believe to be true.
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Eating Right and Exercising Eases Stress
We experience it every day. Work, children, a sick parent, a relative's visit or even just our day-to-day activities all play a role. Our lives can be busy or hectic, and stress can add up faster than we realize. Often, when stress levels reach the limit, people may find themselves changing their normal routine in the hope of finding a few shortcuts.
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Fitness Tips for Exercise Novices
In order to become healthier you not only need to eat well but you also need to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. If you’re new to exercise, give yourself a pat on the back for taking the first step to getting fit. Before you begin a fitness routine it’s always best to consult with your doctor.
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Learning to Love Exercise
Most of us say that we'll "get around" to exercising. Either we say we'll do it when we get home after work or we promise ourselves that we'll get up early the next morning. Or, we plan on taking a walk during our lunch hour. But somehow we often don't get around to it.
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Lose that Lack of Motivation…
Consider this… None of these people were born in great shape. All of these people have had to work hard to achieve their goals. And at some point, every single one of these people had to reach inside themselves to find the determination to do so. Every single one of these people had to make a conscious decision to get out of bed or get off the couch and make the extra effort needed to get in shape and live a healthy life.
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Picture Perfect Fitness
While fitness “looks” different on everyone, it is easy to get caught up in the model stereotypes and “gym fanatic” images of fitness -- the perfectly toned arms, washboard abs and strong legs we see on magazine covers and in movie theaters. Is this the ideal you keep in your head? Is this how you measure success of a healthy lifestyle?
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Stuck in an Exercise Rut?
In order to work towards and maintain good health, we should participate in some type of cardiovascular activity. Cardiovascular exercise is very important to improving health and also losing weight, so it should be a part of your weekly exercise routine.
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The Hidden Benefits of Exercise
You’ve heard about the physical benefits of exercise time and time again. It can aid in weight loss, help reduce the risk for certain types of cancer, and decrease blood pressure, cholesterol and/or blood sugar, etc. But, what about the mental benefits of exercise?
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The Wonders of Walking
If you’re new to exercise or you don’t want to spend a lot of money on expensive gym equipment, then we have the fitness answer for you – walking! You might assume vigorous exercise requires fancy attire, expensive machines and a huge time commitment but walking eliminates all of these elements.
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When is the Best Time to Exercise?
We all want to reap the health benefits of physical activity and burn calories when we exercise. Some people prefer to exercise in the morning while others enjoy an intense workout at the end of the day. So, when is the best time to exercise? Let’s take a look at the possibilities..
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Are You “Messing Up” Your Metabolism? Kick Your Metabolism into High Gear this Spring!
There are some people who have naturally high metabolisms. But for those of us with an average metabolism, there are a few things we can do to increase or keep our metabolism running in tip-top shape. But what you may be surprised to learn is that dieting can actually slow your metabolism..
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Get Moving Calculator
Did you take the stairs to work this morning or play tennis yesterday afternoon? Physical activity (no matter how big or small) burns calories and this calorie calculator tells you that calorie amount. Check out your favorite activity and you may be pleasantly surprised!