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Healthy eating and exercise for life

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There is no comparison! We are dedicated to being the BEST weight management and healthy living website, and it shows…

Some of the Others:
"Lose 10 lbs. By X Date!!!" will not promote its services by making unsupportable claims that you will lose weight in a set amount of time. You've seen the ads - "Lose 10 lbs. By Such & Such Date" (usually 6 weeks out). That's like saying you will gain 10% on your stock investment this year. Hey, it's certainly very possible, but guaranteed? We make no such false promises. Successful weight loss is complex and is based on many factors. Ultimately, reaching your goal depends on you. There is no such thing as a quick fix. is about lifestyle changes. Weight is usually gained gradually and it takes sensible, gradual changes to lose it and keep it off. What we do promise is that we will provide proven tools, information and support to dramatically improve your chances of success.
Some of the Others:
Weight management tips and advice that have not undergone careful scientific and medical review.
All the information and tools provided by conform to safe acceptable weight management guidelines that are entirely consistent with the national coalition of Partners for Healthy Weight Management (spearheaded by the National Institutes of Health and Federal Trade Commission) as well as respected national health/medical groups.

Some of the Others:
Go to their Web site and get hit with an in-your-face advertisement covering the page you're reading.
You won't find any annoying pop-up ads on Our sponsors are interested in supporting the public health mission to fight the obesity epidemic in a non-commercial way. And is committed to remaining free.
Some of the Others:
Selling your membership data to outsiders. takes the issue of safeguarding your privacy online very seriously. We have very strict policies and procedures designed to protect the privacy of our members. We will never share your personal information with any external organization without your consent. We do not sell any personal information about our members, including email addresses.