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Healthy eating and exercise for life


Read More Testimonials and a Determined Passion for Life Give Cheryl New Hope and Great Success Gives Sarah a New Lease on Life!

Despite gaining nearly 50 pounds in the three years following her college graduation, it was a late night health scare that served as Sarah’s wake up call.

After waking up in pain and unable to breathe, Sarah immediately made an appointment with a doctor.  Her diagnosis?  Severe acid reflux.  With her cholesterol hovering over the 250 mark – and a family history of chronic heartburn and early heart disease – Sarah decided it was time to change her unhealthy ways.

“I was tired of being overweight and this was the motivation I needed to kick my depression,” said Sarah, now 27.  “I signed up for the day I had my doctor’s appointment and never looked back.”

A quick search for an online weight loss support site led her to  And in the 17 months since she joined, she’s shed nearly 60 pounds, has gone from a size 14-16 to a comfortable size 6 and now weighs a healthy 135 pounds.

Sarah religiously keeps a food diary, something she started early in her weight loss efforts.  Her favorite part of the program, though, has been the message boards.  The online support group, she says, has been instrumental in her success.  “We sign in every day and check in with each other.  And we have a weekly weigh-in.  It’s very helpful.”

Since joining, Sarah has also lowered her cholesterol and through portion control, has been able cut down on her heartburn and acid reflux episodes.  She has also discovered an aptitude for cooking – whipping up appetizing meals and finding ways to modify recipes in order to reduce calories.

Although she no longer dreads trying on clothes, Sarah said her svelte shape is only one part of her success story.  Actually, a sunnier, improved attitude has been the best outcome of her weight loss experience.  Unlike many, Sarah never battled weight as a youth.  Instead, it wasn’t until her early 20s that the pounds started piling on.  She attributes the weight gain to depression.

“The three years that I was overweight were probably the worst of my life,” she said.  “I didn’t have as much energy. I was crankier and I was depressed.  The depression made me gain weight, and gaining weight made me depressed, so I think it was a horrible, vicious cycle.  I now have a body I didn’t even know I could have.  I have so much more energy and I’m happier.”

What is her advice to others?  Be patient, Sarah says.  Use the tools available at and don’t blow off exercise.

Sarah’s beginning exercise regimen consisted of hitting the gym every other day.  She started with 25 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of lifting.  Today however, she hits the gym five or six times a week, combining 40 or more minutes of cardio with at least 30 minutes of weights.  On the days she doesn’t make it to the fitness center, she takes long walks or does Pilates at home.

Weight loss and physical fitness, Sarah warns, will not happen overnight.  “Many people want results immediately and if they don’t see them, they give up.  Remember that it took you a long time to get where you are and it will take longer to undo it.  Finally, you must find a way to fit exercise into your daily routine.  It’s important for your health and your success.”

Throughout her membership Sarah has experienced various weight loss and health-related milestones.  However, Sarah said one of the biggest accomplishments was fitting into a size 8 wedding dress in time for her October 2006 nuptials.  “I wanted to look good.  And I did!”  

The staff at is glad we could help give Sarah a wonderful wedding gift – the best gift of all, the gift of health!

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