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Healthy eating and exercise for life
About Us is brought to you by the Calorie Control Council, a non-profit trade association established in 1966. The Calorie Control Council is comprised of companies that make low-calorie, reduced-fat and lighter versions of your favorite foods and beverages. Since its inception, the Council has fostered communication among a wide variety of audiences about the importance of "sensible dieting" - controlling calories, increasing physical activity and making permanent changes in eating and exercise habits. The Council has served as a respected and credible information source about healthy lifestyles, weight management and obesity issues for many years.

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History of Objective Communications about Sensible Dieting

Since 1989, the Council has conducted national surveys of consumers to track dieting trends in the United States. Also, for over two decades, it has published a highly regarded newsletter for the media and health professionals called "Calorie Control Commentary," which reports on news related to weight management and healthy eating. In 1991, in conjunction with a number of renowned weight management experts, the Council produced the award-winning consumer brochure, "Winning by Losing." And in 1997 the Council introduced a new Web site targeted primarily toward weight-conscious consumers - This Web site has received more awards and recognition than almost any site of its kind, and regularly attracts an average of 350,000 visitors per month, generating 7.5 million hits per month.

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Response to Popular Demand is a natural evolution of the site. Visitors to that site have expressed a need for more enhanced weight management tools, 24/7 online access and support, more meal plans and recipes, more exercise tips, more frequent tips and information, and access to expert advice through chats, feature articles, etc.

The need for has become more evident as America's - and the world's - incidence of obesity has risen dramatically over recent years. In fact, obesity is an epidemic and, as a result, adults and children are at an increased risk of developing chronic diseases, including diabetes. It is quite clear that people need a better understanding of the importance of achieving a healthy weight and an active lifestyle, and they are striving to receive guidance about sensible, non-faddish, methods of weight control. In addition, over the past few years a number of major studies have been published in respected medical journals documenting the effectiveness of so-called "online dieting."

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Guidelines Supported by Scientific Consensus, whose motto is "Healthy Eating and Exercise for Life," is dedicated to teaching and helping consumers achieve and maintain a healthy weight for life. The CaloriesCount program emphasizes the importance of losing weight gradually and adopting healthy eating and exercise habits that can be maintained long-term. This basic principle will guide all the information published on the site, while dissuading consumers from looking for quick fixes. The variety of diet pills, gimmicks, fad diet books and other schemes being promoted to the public can be unhealthy and only set people up for ultimate failure. The CaloriesCount program guidelines are consistent with those of the American Medical Association, American Heart Association, American Dietetic Association, American Diabetes Association and other trusted health/medical groups, as well as the federal government (and in particular its Partners for Healthy Weight Management principles).

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Expert Staff and Advisors

The staff of consists of highly trained and experienced food, health and nutrition professionals, including registered dietitians, food technologists and health and nutrition writers. The team is headed by Lyn Nabors, Executive Vice President of the Calorie Control Council, Keith Keeney, Vice President of Communications, and Beth Hubrich, M.S., R.D., Director of Health and Nutrition Communications. Our staff does not offer personal (one-on-one) health or nutrition advice nor medical or psychological counseling.

Haley Stevens, President of the Calorie Control Council

Haley Stevens

Haley Curtis Stevens, Ph.D. is the President of the Calorie Control Council (CCC), an international association of manufacturers of low-calorie, sugar-free, reduced fat and light foods and beverages, including companies that make alternative sweeteners (e.g., intense sweeteners, polyols), fibers, and fat replacers used in those products. She has lead virtually all the Council's activities regarding health, weight management and fitness since joining the Council.

Dr. Stevens has extensive experience with food ingredients, as she is an active participant in the Codex Committee on Food Additives and the Food Chemicals Codex, for which she has developed several food ingredient monographs. She has also worked extensively with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other global regulatory bodies over the years. Dr. Stevens has a background in nutrition and health sciences and provides regulatory and nutrition guidance for her clients. She has been quoted in numerous newspapers and magazines, including the NY Times, the Washington Post, and Glamour Magazine.

Dr. Stevens has also authored several publications, including Microbial Food Cultures: a Regulatory Update published in Food Technology 2009. Prior to joining the Kellen Company, Dr. Stevens completed an undergraduate degree at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN and a doctorate in Biological and Biomedical Sciences at Emory University in Atlanta, GA.

Beth Hubrich, M.S., R.D., L.D.
Beth Hubrich

As Executive Director, Beth Hubrich oversees site content, comments on features and tools and provides overall direction for She has served as the Executive Director of the Calorie Control Council for a number of years working in the area of nutrition and food communications. For the Council, Ms. Hubrich plans and implements food and nutrition communications programs, serves as a spokesperson and works with the media. She also helps implement and design scientific educational programs for other health professionals. Ms. Hubrich has worked with CNN's On the Menu TV program and has written for The Tallahassee Democrat, Today's Dietitian and USA Today Magazine. She is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (the Academy), a founding member of the Academy’s Weight Management dietetic practice group and member of the Dietitians in Business and Communications practice group. Ms. Hubrich holds a B.S. degree in nutrition and food science from Florida State University, where she graduated cum laude. She also earned a Masters degree in nutrition and food science from Texas Woman's University and completed her dietetic internship at the Veterans Administration hospital in Houston. Through her internship she received training in clinical nutrition, management, food service, public relations, and community and public health. Ms. Hubrich is certified in Adult Weight Management by the Academy and has spoken at various dietetic meetings as well as the American Association of Diabetes Educators’ and the Institute of Food Technologists meetings.


The staff is counseled by some of the most credentialed scientific and health experts in the field of weight management. These include:


John Foreyt, Ph.D.

John Foreyt, Ph.D.

Dr. Foreyt is a leading authority on obesity, dieting and behavior. He is director of the Nutrition Research Clinic and Professor, Department of Medicine, at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. Dr. Foreyt is a Fellow of the Society of Behavioral Medicine, a Fellow of the Academy of Behavioral Therapy and Research Society, a Fellow of the Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research and other professional organizations, and is an honorary member of the American Dietetic Association. Dr. Foreyt serves on many editorial boards including the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, Eating Disorders, Obesity Research, Journal of Behavioral Medicine, American Journal of Health Promotion, Health Values, Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Medicine, Exercise and Nutrition and Health. He has published many books and hundreds of articles regarding diet modification, cardiovascular risk reduction, eating disorders, and obesity.


Hope Warshaw, MMSc, RD, CDE

Hope Warshaw, MMSc, RD, CDE

Hope Warshaw is a dietitian (RD) and certified diabetes educator (CDE). She currently applies nearly 25 years of expertise in diabetes and nutrition to provide an array of consulting services through her business Hope Warshaw Associates. She works with people with diabetes, businesses with a diabetes or nutrition related product or focus, or with media and communications outlets. Ms. Warshaw is the author of 5 best-selling books: The Restaurant Companion: A Guide to Healthier Eating Out, Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy, Guide to Healthy Restaurant Eating, Complete Guide to Carb Counting and The Diabetes Food and Nutrition Bible. American Diabetes Association publishes most of her books. Ms. Warshaw's freelance articles have appeared in PARADE, Cooking Light, Weight Watchers, SHAPE, Walking Magazine, Diabetes Self Management, COUNTDOWN, Diabetes Digest and Diabetes Forecast. Ms. Warshaw has appeared on Good Morning America, CNN, Graham Kerr's A Gathering Place, and TV Food Network, among others. Her web site is

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Commitment of the Calorie Control Industry

The calorie control food and beverage industry, through the Calorie Control Council, has made this site possible. has been supported by a number of companies dedicated to the fight against obesity and committed to the principles of healthy weight management upon which this site was based.

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