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Thank you for contacting Staff. Your questions/requests are important to us and we are dedicated to serving our members needs. We try to respond to questions (not already addressed by the information below) within 48 hours and in the order in which they were received. Please read through the information below, which addresses many frequently asked questions. If your questions are not addressed, please use the email form at the bottom of this page to contact us.

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Calorie Calculator for Weight Loss/Food Diary

Please note that the free online Calorie Calculator contains thousands of foods and beverages -- including both homemade and fast food/restaurant items. The following may be helpful in producing better results with your search:

If the results table is blank (without any results for a food item you searched for) or doesn't have as many results as you'd expect, it means your specific food may not be listed in the database. Please search again, but broaden your search (for example, if you search for "half and half" and nothing appears, try searching for "cream"), or try your search in the singular form ("cereal" instead of "cereals"). If you are still unable to locate certain foods in the free online calrie calculator, please send an email to custsvc@ and state the item(s) you would like to see added. We will do our best to accommodate your request but please understand that we won’t be able to so until our next general update of the free online calorie calculator database (generally every few weeks).

Please realize that it is difficult to accurately calculate the calories in homemade recipes. The calorie counts depend on serving size, any variation in ingredients and cooking method. General counts are only averages as there are variations of recipes. The most accurate way to calculate the calories of any recipe is to add all of the calorie counts of the ingredients used (which is how the Calorie Calculator is designed). Also consider the method of cooking (for example, if the recipe calls for the item to be deep-fried the calorie count should also include the oil in which it is fried).

If you still cannot find the food(s) you are searching for, you may wish to try the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Nutrient Database. This free online calorie calculator will provide the calories fat and other nutrients in various foods. Please keep in mind, however, that this information cannot be automatically added to the Online Food Diary. The information from this database must be added manually. Also, keep in mind that when you click on this link, a new window will open. Click here to go to the USDA database now. (Note: calorie content will be described as "energy" and listed as kilocalories (kcal) which are the same as calories in the U.S.)

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Get Moving Calculator staff members are working to update and expand the Get Moving Calculator. We appreciate member feedback and input and will do our best to accommodate requests.

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Webmaster (Internet Difficulties)
If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please check to ensure that your computer’s “cookies” are enabled. (Please note that is a “cookie-based system” and cookies enable the tools and features on the site to work properly.) You may also want to check the security settings. Security settings that are set too high may hinder access to the site.

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